SmartGo - SmartBelt with Digital Scale & Combination TSA Lock (1 pc)

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SmartGo SmartBelt with Digital Scale & Combination TSA Lock (1 pc)

  • Colour: Black
  • Simple and unique 3-in-1 design (Luggage Strap + Digital Scale + Combination Lock) to make your travel easier
  • Stylish luggage strap with build in digital weight scale and combination lock. Allow you to quickly measure the weight and secure your luggage with personal code
  • 3 Combination TSA lock (Travel Sentry® Approved combination lock secures belongings while in transit and allows US airport security to open the lock without destroying it and relock it after inspection)
  • Digital Weight Scale (3kg to 35kg weighing range)
  • Metric & Imperial Unit System
  • Automatic Power Saving Mode
  • Adjustable strap fits luggage size up to 182cm (72”)
  • 2 pieces of LR44 (L1154) Alkaline battery included
  • Include ONE qty only

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