Dreamlight Heat Lite + BB Laboratories Skin Conditioning Lotion 155ml (1 set)

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Dreamlight Heat Lite + BB Laboratories Skin Conditioning Lotion 155ml (1 set)

Dreamlight Heat Lite

  1. Patented shading design
    100% seamless shading, patented design memory metal shading strip, lightly press the shape to fit your nose shape, to achieve complete shading, and instantly enjoy the all-black matte sleep rest environment.
  2. Orbit and temple hot pack design
    3 minutes eye SPA artifact, quickly relieve eye fatigue and stress, and return to bright eyes.
    Connect directly to a mobile power source (non-wireless battery design) and enjoy uninterrupted pressure relief.
    After heating, the temperature is constant at about 42 degrees Celsius, and the heat application range is the eye frame and temple.
    The eye mask is heated by German nano metal, which can release infrared waves that are beneficial to the human body, promote blood circulation around the eyes, and metabolism.
  3. Smart Power Off Chip
    Intelligent power off in -30 minutes to prevent continuous low temperature burns.
    Safe heating chip: The exclusive developed chip safely powers down within 30 minutes.
  4. Air sandwich and exclusive 3D eye socket design
    Air interlayer for comfortable skin fit.
    The 3D concave design perfectly avoids the position of eye makeup, no eye pressure, no makeup, and the most convenient to use for lunch and rest during work.
  5. Ultra thin, only 65 g
    Comes with a storage bag, which is convenient for carrying around when traveling or going out.
  6. Use high-quality materials to keep your skin under control
    Baby-grade skin-friendly material selection, low sensitivity, suitable for everyone.
    Use better quality, non-sticky magic sticky, eliminating annoying sticky hair.
    Thickening the straps, it feels stable when using conventional clothes.


  • Eye mask size: 670 x 88 x 1.5 mm
  • Suitable for head circumference: 54-75 cm (suitable for most people)
  • Net weight: 65 g
  • Eye mask material: outer fabric-100% polyester fiber / filled skin-friendly fabric-59% nylon, 36% polyester fiber, 5% spandex / filler-memory cotton
  • Package contents: eye mask, charging cable
  • Place of Origin: American design, Made in China
  • Cleaning method: Hand wash and air dry. (Please wait for it to dry completely before using it) Machine washable (can be placed in a laundry bag and then machine wash to prevent deformation of the eye mask),
  • The internal electronic parts are waterproof, so you do n’t need to worry about cleaning. 


BB Laboratories Skin Conditioning Lotion 155ml

Extremely sensitive acne muscles regain healthy vitality. The moisturizing anti-allergy lotion is designed to solve "adult acne". It contains ingredients such as placenta and allantoin, which inject water into the skin to help repair damaged cells and activate regeneration.

A variety of mild plant extracts effectively condition the skin. Strengthen skin structure and strengthen resistance. The lotion is light in thickness and easy to absorb. It is a natural moisturizing and sedative, keeping the skin healthy and stable, restoring water and oil balance, and preventing acne.


  1. Balance cutin-maintain the health of the stratum corneum to enhance water absorption and maintain water-oil balance
  2. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial-repair damaged cells, activate regeneration, anti-inflammatory and remove marks, and restore smooth
  3. Refine pores-tighten the skin, narrow pores and prevent the formation of acne
  4. Deep nourishment-provide deep moisture nourishment, light volume, easy to penetrate, and long-term water retention
  5. Promote metabolism-promote blood and water circulation, improve blood gas, whiten skin tone evenly

Origin: Japan

Warranty Period of Dreamlight Heat Lite

1 year


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