DOU CO2 Mask (10 sets/box)

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DOU CO2 Mask (10 sets/box)

By getting CO2 (carbonic acid) into the skin, the oxygen level in the cells will increase. Metabolism will become faster. Pores are then tightened while skins are whitened. Acne scars will be removed faster. Face will be slimmed down and edema reduced. Skins are tightened. The effects are so powerful to be seen. (The tightening effect is supported by research conducted by the Kobe University.)

Functions: Improving dull skin tone, removing acne scars & spots, red and swollen, coarse pores, fine lines, wrinkles and allergy.


How to use:

  1. The 2 (Large and Small) aluminum foil bags were squeezed out of carbonated mask latex, placed in the plastic container which provided in the box. (Both packs are gels, there will be no powder pack which different with those in the market).
  2. Mix the latex-like carbonic acid ingredients in the container with the attached bar. Mix both gels together about 1 minutes until it becomes smooth, carbon dioxide begins to emit.
  3. After mixing, apply the mixed gel covering the entire face by using the attached plastic bar (due to the occurrence of CO2 immediately, there is a cool and comfort feeling when applied on the skin).
  4. After 30 minutes, can see some small bubble appear, gel will starting to solidify, CO2 is now affecting and working.
  5. Leave it on face about 30-45 minutes (will begin solidify after applied on face for 10-15mins) (the skin surface may be a little pink, due to blood circulation and skin absorption, it’s normal reaction, will back to normal after few minutes).
  6. After removing the solidified mask, no need to clean with water, essence that leave on face can be evenly massage throughout the face and skin (you can also wash it by water if not feel comfortable.

Content: 40g x 10 packs and 7g x 10 packs

Origin: Japan

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