clair C+ Air Purifier (1 pc)

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clair C+ Air Purifier

  • E2f filter with positive and negative charges e2f filters which were patented in Europe. In the Charging section, the air pollutants are charged with (+,-) polarity, and in the Trapping section, those polar particles are trapped between the filters by electrostatic attraction. This process traps not only pollens and VOCs, but also ultrafine dust with the radius of less than 0.1μm*.
  • Uses in-direct bactericidal method of Violet blue light, which is harmless to humans and has excellent antibacterial capabilities. It helps to keep filter performance longer by sterilizing and removing various contaminants on the surface of the filter.
  • Plasma ionizers charged the air pollutants with (+,-) polarity, and in the trapping section, those polar particles are trapped between the filters by electrostatic attraction.
  • Air Quality Indication (PM2.5) can indicate the air quality. Blue : Clean air ; Yellow : Slightly polluted air Red: Heavily polluted air
  • Compact and moderate design, very suitable for use in bedrooms, dining rooms or offices. The applicable range is about 150-200 square feet.
  • 3 types of wind speeds to choose from, even when running in high speed mode, it is also very quiet.
  • Has very low power consumption by spending just 8 watts even in high speed mode. It keeps users to save cost and to enjoy fresh air all the time.
  • The filter life is about 9-12 months.
  • Made in Korea
* Applied GB/T 18801-2015, test under the highest wind speed. Result tested in Guangzhou Testing Center Of Industrial Microbiology.

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1 Year

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