Two-day Major Asia Pacific Data Roaming Pack - for 1O1O / csl service plan personal customer

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Please Call The Club Service Hotline 183 3000 or Please Visit 1O1O Center, csl Shop or HKT shop For Service Redemption

Redemption period:

29 March, 2018 - until further notice


Reward valid period:

24-hours pass valid for 12 months after successful redemption



Two-day Major Asia Pacific Data Roaming Pack - for 1O1O / csl service plan personal customer

  • Hassle free data roaming service (When daily data usage reaches 500MB, data speeds will be capped at 256Kbps)
  • Applicable at roaming zones A & B included Mainland China, Australia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand
  • Free up to HK$300,000 overseas accident cover (Required to complete the confirmation at designated webpage)

Call The Club Service Hotline 183 3000 or please visit 1O1O Center, csl Shop or HKT shop for service redemption.

  1. Major Asia Pacific Data Roaming Pack (“APAC Pack”) is a two or four or seven or fourteen-day Data Roaming Day Pass applicable to Zones A & B. Major Asia Pacific, Europe & Americas Data Roaming Pack (“APAC, Europe & Americas Pack”) is a two or four or seven or fourteen-day Data Roaming Day Pass applicable to Zones A, B & C.
  2. The Packs are available to selected personal account 1O1O / csl customers who have activated IDD & Roaming service and activated Data Roaming Day Pass service. It is subject to the Special Terms and Conditions for the Data Roaming Day Pass, please visit or for details.
  3. The Packs applicable to Data Roaming Day Pass (charges: $88-$178 per day) and applies to Mobile Data roaming usage such as Blackberry Services, Internet Browsing, Roaming MMS, WAP and audio or video streaming but not support VoIP, BitTorrent, Peer to Peer file sharing (such as FTP file sharing and webcam applications), Peer Casting type applications (such as PPLive and PPStream), VPN Tunnel service, corporate e-mail service or any commercial promotion activities or any means which may be harmful or adversely affect our network or other customers. The Mobile Data roaming available for this Service is 500MB per day, after which the data transmission speed will be capped at 256kbps. Please note the actual speed and usage experience depends on applicable roaming networks. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Service if you breach the Terms and Conditions of the Service.
  4. The Packs are valid for 12 months upon redemption (“Validity Period”). All remaining entitlement will be forfeited upon expiry of Validity Period and prevailing roaming rates will apply.
  5.  Upon customers subscribe to the above Packs, we will send them a Short-Message-Service (“SMS”) to confirm the activation of Packs and advise the customers that they could set up the roaming preference for their data roaming needs via the 1O1O / csl service app.
  6. If customer with the above Packs and other Data Roaming Day Pass entitlement, the one with earlier validity end date will take priority when data roaming usage is deducted.
  7.  i-Guard Free Travel Protection Plan (“Basic Plan”) is provided by HKT Financial Services (IA) Limited (“HKTIA”). The Basic Plan is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited (“Chubb”) which is authorized and regulated by the Insurance Authority of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and is subject to Chubb’s Policy Wording of the Basic Plan. You are required to complete confirmation at designated webpage. Please visit or for details.
  8. Unless otherwise specified, the above Packs cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer or promotion and is non-transferable nor exchangeable for cash or other products/services.
  9.  Upon confirmation of the redemption, no amendment or cancellation will be accepted. If using Clubpoints for redemption, the relevant Clubpoints will be deducted from your The Club membership account immediately. Use of Clubpoints are subject to the terms and conditions of Club HKT Limited (“Club HKT”), please refer to for details.
  10. Customers who terminate their mobile service accounts before expiry of Validity Period shall be deemed to have forfeited any such entitlement, and CSL Mobile Limited (“CSL”) shall not be responsible for any such forfeiture. CSL reserves the right to terminate or amend these offers and terms and conditions at any time without notice.
  11. In case of any dispute, the decision of Club HKT and CSL is final.
  12. In the event of any discrepancies between Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.
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